Airfreighting is commonly used by businesses for the delivery of goods from distant suppliers. This mode of transport is useful to deliver products with short lead times, fragile goods and products that are not bulky. Products in high demand and in short supply may also be airfreighted in order to meet customer demands. The bulk/value ratio will be a determining factor.




Fast delivery, usually between 24 and 48 hours, Customer is not kept waiting for order fulfilment

Reduced lead time on supplier

Improved service levels




Flight delays and/or cancellations

Customs and Excise restrictions

Cost – one of the most expensive modes of shipping

Relatively small carry capacity – pallets are restricted to 160cm high for passenger aircrafts otherwise it will have to go by Freighter which restricts the services available and increases cost.

Sea freight


Sea freight is a popular method of transport for goods which are non urgent at the most economical price point. It is also the oldest and most available form of transport as Oceans and waterways cover most of the planet.


Cost – the most economical form of transport, especially over long distances

Relatively environment friendly – lowest carbon footprint compared to other forms of transport.

Can accomodate Bulk or oversized cargo

Can accomodate more hazardous materials than other forms of transport


Long Transit time – slowest form of transport

Routes and timetables usually inflexible

Delays can occur due to weather or “devanning” of freight

Risk of potential loss or damage

Road freight


Roadfreight is popular for inland deliveries from an air or sea port to the final destination, or if a same day or next day delivery is required. Roadfreight is also popular for shipments within the EU as this is usually the most cost effective and speedy method.



Cost – very cost effective given the transit time

Flexibility – do not have fixed schedules like Air or Sea so can arrange to suit.

Can accomodate Bulky or oversized cargo

Door to Door service


Delays can occur – Due to traffic

Can become costly if fuel prices increase



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